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Ashley Sparks (Community Engagement Liaison)

Ashley Sparks is a theater director and cultural organizer based in New Orleans.  Directing projects include Go Ye Therefore by ArtSpot Productions, Expatriate by Lenelle Moise, Turning of the Bones by Jan Villarrubia, La Pastorela St. Joseph by Jack Bentz, Incide by Erik Ehn, The Other Shore by Gao Xingjian, Alchemy of Desire by Caridad Svich, and The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler.

Cultural organizing projects include serving as the Event Coordinator for MicroFest USA – a national festival and think-tank series produced by the Network of Ensemble Theaters. This series focuses on ensemble practices, cross-sector dialogue, and national arts advocacy. MicroFests have been convened in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Honolulu, New Orleans, Detroit, Knoxville and Harlan County, Kentucky.

She has worked nationally with companies such as Cornerstone Theater Company in Los Angeles, ArtSpot Productions in New Orleans, Complex Movements in Detroit and PearlDamour (for MILTON).

She is a board member of Alternate ROOTS and served as the Board Chair from 2008-2011. She is an honoraria of the Princess Grace Award.


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Pearl Damour