Ocean Filibuster on tour


Jenn Kidwell as the Ocean takes a pause during the filibuster — Maggie Hall copyright 2022 American Repertory Theater Production

Ocean Filibuster premiered at the American Repertory Theater March ’22 and hasn’t stopped: we’ve taken the show to the University of Houston, Live Arts Miami / Miami Dade College, Wesleyan University, and New Orleans’ Contemporary Art Center, where we joined Junebug Productions, No Dream Deferred, and Mondo Bizarro in hosting an Environmental Convening of artists, activists, organizers and scientists from the Gulf South. Next we head to Duke University (Sep) and University of Utah (March). 
Visit for video clips and photos of the show, meet our team, find local resources, and download our “Deep Wonder” Augmented Reality app– which reveals features of the deep ocean floor, up close and personal!


Here are some highlights of PearlDamour’s 2019:

PearlDamour’s book on our MILTON project is out, and you can pick up a copy here. Huge thanks to our wonderful publishers, 53rd Street press, for working so closely with us on this book, which includes the script to the play plus essays about our process.

After a successful and informative public showing of Ocean Filibuster last December, we dove into more drafting in July with composer Sxip Shirey and our dear friend Evan Spigelman, pinch-hitting for our performer Jenn Kidwell. A new ending! A new approach to backing vocals using a snazzy Midi Fighter.  Keep an eye out for our September premiere dates in A.R.T.’s 2020-21 Season. 

We’ve also been working with the absolutely inspiring Organismic and Evolutionary Bio-logist Peter Girguis on the interactive intermission of the performance. We are thrilled by his adventurous mind, and by the students in his lab who are helping us.

We were one of 16 projects chosen to present at the NEFA Idea Swap in October. So many inspiring artists, presenters and conversations! 

We have joined forces with the trailblazing Amanda Cooper of ALC Management, who is helping us shape the life of this piece after the premiere. 

The MILTON book is out

The MILTON book is out

Our book on PearlDamour’s MILTON project has been published by 53rd Street Press!  It contains the full script of the play as performed in Milton, NC along with essays on our work with the “5 Miltons” over the course of the project.  Please consider buying a copy HERE.  And you can still read more about the project on our Sky Over Milton website.

Ocean Filibuster

Ocean Filibuster

…Do you ever feel like you’re racing towards your own death…?

OCEAN FILIBUSTER will have its premiere with the ART in October 2020! We will be deep in development until then, working with scientists, artists, and our astounding creative team:

Performer JENN KIDWELL (along with a chorus of 6): composer SXIP SHIREY; scenic and projection designer TAL YARDEN; sound designer MIKAAL SULAIMAN; costumer OIVER GAJIC; and stage manager LISA MCGINN.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the year.