Ocean Filibuster on tour


Jenn Kidwell as the Ocean takes a pause during the filibuster — Maggie Hall copyright 2022 American Repertory Theater Production

Ocean Filibuster premiered at the American Repertory Theater March ’22 and hasn’t stopped: we’ve taken the show to the University of Houston, Live Arts Miami / Miami Dade College, Wesleyan University, and New Orleans’ Contemporary Art Center, where we joined Junebug Productions, No Dream Deferred, and Mondo Bizarro in hosting an Environmental Convening of artists, activists, organizers and scientists from the Gulf South. Next we head to Duke University (Sep) and University of Utah (March). 
Visit www.oceanfilibuster.com for video clips and photos of the show, meet our team, find local resources, and download our “Deep Wonder” Augmented Reality app– which reveals features of the deep ocean floor, up close and personal!