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LIMO was a one-night-only site-specific performance created for the cavernous glass lobby of the Altria Building on 42nd street in New York.  In LIMO, a down and out secretary experiences an existential crisis while slurping down happy-hour martinis at Houlihan’s Bar and Restaurant.  Significant nouns swim through her head as the barback puts up the chairs and mops the floor down with bleach.   Banana, Geo Metro, Fire Hydrant, Whale.   As the lines between objects and their meaning begin to blur, the secretary moves closer and closer to her oracle self.   This piece was performed by Katie along with 5 male actors who were both assistants and doppleganger-selves.  Lisa directed.  We worked closely with Krista Kelley Walsh on the overall visual design of this piece.

Commissioned by the Whitney Museum of Art.  Performed in the Altria Lobby in 2004.

Additional Visual Design consultation by Charles Goldman.  Soundscape by Sxip Shirey.


Pearl Damour