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Landmark: 24 Hours on the Stone Arch Bridge


Lisa moved to Minneapolis in 1997 on a Jerome Fellowship and fell in love with the Stone Arch Bridge, which is an old railroad-turned-pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi River.  In 2002, she invited Katie and 5 other artists to join her in making a piece for the bridge. Our collaborators were Eleanor Savage (video artist and arts activist), Krista Kelley Walsh (installation and object), Joel Pickard (new music composer), Emily Johnson (choreographer), and about 100 volunteers who came and went throughout the day.

In many ways, LandMARK was an evolution of our work in The Grove.  We knew we wouldn’t be able to out-do the spectacular presence of the bridge, so we chose instead to awaken and shift people’s perception of it.   We thought of ourselves, and the performances and installations we were making, as another 24-hour cycle of energy for the day, moving in sync with the cycles of light, water, and sound in constant motion at the site.

Using a 24 hour color-clock called a “Chromameter” developed and designed by Krista, we scheduled the day with ongoing or one-time events.

Click the artifacts link below to see some objects from the show.

LandMARK was awarded Best Site Specific Performance by the Minneapolis City Pages.

Pearl Damour