Making a stop in Milton, NC

Lisa will be spending the day in Milton, NC on Friday– she is driving home to New Orleans from NYC, and Milton is kind of on the way… well, on the way enough!  It’s actually really great when other travel plans can help us get near enough to a Milton to make a visit, because one of the challenges of the MILTON project is simply raising the money to visit all of you as much as we want to (spoiler alert:  fundraising campaign staring next month!).  So… if other life-plans make it possible, so much the better!  On Friday, Lisa will be meeting with individuals like the pastor of High Street Baptist Church and her husband, the chief of the volunteer fire department (the firemen will be prepping for the big stew they’re having over the weekend).  She’ll also be hosting a get together with folks who will talk with her about our continued engagement in Milton.  As we look toward bringing the show to Milton, NC this summer,  we want to hear from Miltonians how they think the project can be helpful to their goals, what sorts of events would be interesting to surround the performance, how to get many parts of the community involved and interested, and when the show will best fit into local schedules.    She’ll also be doing a simple creative activity with them as they meet,  as a way to share our belief that art-making and constructive conversation go hand in hand.