Nita & Zita

Nita & Zita


This intimate spectacle tells the story of two showgirl sisters and what happens after they leave the international vaudeville circuit and become recluses in New Orleans.  Based on the real lives of Flora and Piroska Gellert who immigrated to the US in 1920 from Hungary, the show is set up as an interview with them after their deaths.  The ghostly pair frequently interrupts the interview to demonstrate old showgirl routines, show slides of their hand-made clothing, argue with each other, reprimand the interviewer, or comment on the performances of Katie and Kathy.  Created in Collaboration with Kathy Randels, who performed in the show with Katie.  Lisa wrote and directed.  Produced by Artspot Productions, New Orleans.   Kathy, Lisa and Katie won an OBIE Award for Nita and Zita in 2003.  Visit the official Nita & Zita website here!

Produced by ArtSpot Productions in 2000 at the State Palace Theater in New Orleans.

2003 Tour:  Southern Repertory Theater, New Orleans;  ALLGO, Austin;  HERE Arts Center, New York

2005 Tour:  Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans; Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis;  HERE Arts Center, New York
(some nice pictures of the show at HERE can be seen here.)

Also presented at the Magdelena Conference at Brown University, Providence, RI; and the KO Festival in Amherst, MA.

Set Design by Shawn Hall
Costume Design By Olivia Wildz
Video Design by Maria Cataldo
Sound composition by Greg Wildes

Special Thanks to Anne-Liese Juge, the original Zita in our developmental workshops.