Terrible Things

Terrible Things


Terrible Things premiered in the upstairs space at PS122 in December 2009 and was subsequently reprised downstairs at PS122 during the 2010 COIL Festival.


Katie‚Äôs life story refracted through the Many Worlds Theory of particle physics.  Using 3 dancers, 2 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wrestlers and 600 marshmallows, PearlDamour transformed the black box at PS122 in NYC into a fluid space where many parallel worlds can exist at once.

We made Terrible Things with Mineapolis-based choreography Emily Johnson, dancers Morgan Thorson and Karen Sherman, and wrestlers Adrien Czmielewski and Rudy De La Cruz.


“Pearl and D’Amour… transform straightforward narrative into something richer, stranger, and ineluctably feminine.” –Alexis Soloski of the Village Voice

“When it comes to work by Katie Pearl and Lisa D’Amour, ‘why’ is typically eclipsed by ‘wow.'” –John del Signore of The Gothamist

“Terrible Things…has one of the strongest and clearest aesthetics of any play I’ve seen at PS122.” — Alexis Clements of L Magazine