Spring Update

PearlDamour was in the New York Times last March! Click here to read the The Sunday Times that talks about MILTON and Lisa’s upcoming play AIRLINE HIGHWAY.  Melena Ryzick from the New York Times travelled to Milton, NC last August with a photographer to follow our work on the show. Be sure to watch the slideshow to see pictures of our friends in Milton, NC and Lisa in her fantastic Mardi Gras costume. We were so thrilled to introduce Milton to New York!

Road Trips and Calls

We are in a long-term long distance relationship with each of the Miltons. That means sometimes we spend a lot of time on the phone and making road trips. This month Katie visited our friends in Milton, MA.She attended the monthly meeting for Citizens for a Diverse Milton. The group’s focus is on diversity within the local public schools, working with district administration on continuing to diversify faculty and staff to more accurately mirror the racial/ethnic breakdown of the student population. Lisa stopped by to say “Hello!” to our friends in Milton, NC. While she was in town she got together with folks to hear about the upcoming plans for the Second Annual Street Fair and Thomas Day Performance Festival. In preparation for an upcoming April road trip, Ashley’s been making calls to our friends in Milton-Freewater, OR. Oregon is the next site for our full production – tentatively scheduled for Spring 2016. I’d estimate that as a team, we’ve probably travelled over 10,000 miles working on Milton and it’s the relationships with you that make this such an amazing experience for us.