Updates on PearlDamour!

PearlDamour is carrying on with MILTON this fall– Katie was in both Milton, MA and MIlton, WI recently, continuing to work with community partners on getting the show to town, and Lisa (with community engagement strategist Ashley Sparks) is heading to Milton, NC to do follow up work with them about establishing an annual performance festival there.  We are also in the process of finalizing plans to finally get HOW TO BUILD A FOREST to its hometown of New Orleans– news on that coming soon.  In the midst of it, Lisa is gearing up for rehearsals of her shows CHEROKEE at Woolly Mammoth theater in DC and also AIRLINE HIGHWAY, soon to premiere at Steppenwolf.  Katie is deep in her thesis experiments of ways to combine performance with conversation, sparked in part by PearlDamour’s MILTON work.  More connections between Brown University and PearlDamour bubbling… we’ll update you next month!