Lost in the Meadow

Created for the in the 40-acre Meadow at Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA. Premiered in September 2016.
200 audience members sit on a hillside, wearing headphones, gazing out over a 40-acre meadow.  Characters begin to appear on the path.  The audience can hear each one up close.  Each character is making a pilgrimage through a ravaged landscape, towards a message that will tell them what to do next.  As they move, an enormous megaphone is constructed behind them and plugged into the earth.  What does the meadow have to say about survival?  About the tiny human in the midst of the cosmic expanse?

We make this piece in collaboration with set designer Mimi Lien and sound designers Brendan Connelly and Nick Kourtides.

cell-phone-tower-shot  imgp2570