Pearl Damour

our shows

t02_howtobuildaforestA performance installation in currently in development for 2011

t07_terriblethingsOur latest show – premieres December at PS122 in NYC

t01_birdeyeblueprintSite-specific performance made for a suite of vacant offices. NYC, 2007

t03_limoSite-specific performance made for a cavernous lobby atrium. NYC, 2004

t04_slabberSite-Specific performance adapted for many spaces / cities. 2000-2004

t09_nitazitaAn intimate showgirl-spectacle about two extraordinary sisters. Many Cities, 2001-2005

t05_cataractA play about two couples, a bridge and a river in 1883. NYC, 2005

t06_annabellaeemaA mother-daughter ghost story for 3 bodies with 3 voices. Austin, 2001, NYC 2003

t08_landmarkA 24-hour outdoor performance created with 3 other collaborators. Minneapolis, 2005

t10_EARLYWORKOur early work in Austin and elsewhere. 1997-1999

Pearl Damour