Lisa and Katie

“…Alarmingly skillful and disarmingly simple.”                        – Brooklyn Rail


“They generate hospitality, these two, creating patrons as guests in their home–which, in a sense, they are.”          – Austin Chronicle


“How can each project generate its own questions, logic and energy? In answering this question, we want our audiences to feel like they are inside of an experience, rather than watching something happen “over there.”” – Fractured Atlas




American Theatre Magazine blurb here, WUNC press article here, Go Dan River here, and Burlington Times-News special feature here.

Also check out these national blogs: Extended PlayTCG’s Audience (R)evolution Series, and Creative Exchange.

Houston Chronicle special feature article here.

Check out this Pelican Bomb article about How to Build a Forest in New Orleans at the Contemporary Arts Center in October 2015 here.









Terrible Things

“Pearl and D’Amour prod the boundaries of theater and performance art, working to transform straightforward narrative into something richer, stranger, and ineluctably feminine.” –  The Village Voice

“…they expertly weave together storytelling, physics, spectacle, dance, alternate realities, and wrestling.”             – The Brooklyn Rail

“Terrible Things…sneakily transports the audience into a surreal, temporary astonishment zone.” – The Gothamist

“One of the strongest and clearest aesthetics of any play I’ve seen at PS122.” – L Magazine



Bird Eye Blue Print

“…astonishing ensemble piece.” – The Gothamist


“Enigmatic” – The Brooklyn Rail


“…an ethereal and wildly imaginative tour.” – The Gothamist’s year in theatre




Lisa D’Amour’s feature about Slabber in the Austin Chronicle here.

“…such intimacy that it resonated in a most personal way.” – Austin Chronicle


The Cataract

Anna Bella Eema

Landmark: 24 hours on the Stone Arch Bridge

A feature article in City Pages here, in Minnesota public radio here, Star Tribune here.

“…extraordinary.” – City Pages









Nita & Zita

Times-Picayune Lagniappe feature here.





Dress Me Blue/Window Me Sky






Bird Eye Blue Print


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How to Build a Forest


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Landmark: 24 hours on the Stone Arch Bridge


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Early Work:


The Parking Project


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3 Mutants: Plays About Girls


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Dress Me Blue/Window Me Sky


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